Storm preparation in Augusta

Storm preparation in Augusta

AUGUSTA (WGME) – With all the ice forming across the state Tuesday night, cities and towns are doing what they can to keep roads and homes safe.

It’s been a busy day for plow truck drivers and it could be a busy night if the roads get icy, as we expect. Right now, augusta has about 3,000 cubic yards of sand to help deal with that ice. But crews always set some aside for people who live in Augusta.

A few dozen people took advantage of the free sand today.

You’re allowed to take up to two five gallon buckets of …read more

Looking for signs of domestic abuse during the holidays

STATEWIDE – The holidays can add a lot of stress for families. For many victims of domestic abuse, it’s a time where they are constantly walking on eggshells to ensure their family has a safe Christmas season.

“The most insidious thing about domestic abuse is that people can be very much one way out in the world and completely different at home,” said Dorathy Martel, the executive director of the Next Step Domestic Violence Project.

And it’s after the holidays when domestic abuse hotlines are buzzing. Some advocates are finding that victims of abuse are extremely stress during the holidays and …read more

Police investigate death of homeless man

Police investigate death of homeless man

SABATTUS (WGME) – Police are investigating the death of a homeless man in Sabattus.

They got a call Monday night to check the well-being of a friend who had been living out of his car on Depot Street.

Officers said they checked this SUV and found Daniel Dennis, 61, dead in the back seat. The vehicle was parked in front of his family’s residence.

They said according to family and friends Dennis had some serious medical issues, but he refused to receive any assistance.

Sabattus Police Chief Gary Baillargeon said “His family and friends, we know they tried to get him …read more