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Sen. Collins’ “talking stick” helped resolve shutdown

Sen. Collins'

WASHINGTON, DC – Wonder what it took to ultimately end the government shutdown?

Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) led a group of bipartisan senators, who reached a compromise with the help of a now-famous “talking stick.”

The stick had been given to the Republican Senator a while ago.

The idea is simple – if you’re holding the stick, you are allowed to speak.

Then the stick is handed off to the next person and everyone else is expected to listen.

“It is amazing, this stick both helped to lighten the mood in the room when I first …read more

Source: FOX 22/ABC 7


White nationalist town manager fired

White nationalist town manager fired

JACKMAN – After meeting behind closed doors for nearly an hour, the Jackman select board wasted no additional time in firing its controversial town manager, Tom Kawczynski.

The firing came four days after the Bangor Daily News reported Kawczynski is the founder and leader of a pro-white organization who opposes people from different cultures coming to northern New England.

“I hate no race and I love all people, but I do love white people.” Kawczynski confidently said to reporters inside town hall Tuesday. “And I love white people as white people, because it is my firm belief that we should have …read more

Source: FOX 22/ABC 7